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Features of Car Rental Software

 The unmatched features of are presented below in two divisions.

Admin Features:

  • Our software is hugely flexible, when it comes to accommodating changes. The car booking rates can be easily adjusted with reference to season, hourly rate, monthly rate, weekly rate, daily rate and straight rate. The rent can also be planned. You can include the below mentioned features in our software.
  • Add car
  • Add maker
  • Add model
  • Add category
  • Add locations
  • Add admin configurations
  • Link car with countries and categories
  • Add mode of payment

You simply need to register a domain name and have hosting facility to get started with our software and its innovative features. Since the rates are hugely affordable, you have got nothing to lose.

End-Users Features:

End users are just a few clicks away from getting exposed to all kinds of reservation details and features. It can’t get better than this for end users.