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What is web based car rental software?

Web based car rental software is a professionally managed software, formulated specially for car rental agencies to accept online reservations and to manage their entire fleet from any corner of the world based on a central control panel. Basically, it allows you to run your car rental business from anywhere and anytime.

What is the mode of payment?

We accept payments via PayPal and Wire transfer only as they are trouble-free, safe, reliable and best-rated modes of payment. The best part is that you can pay INSTANTLY to secure your reservation.

How does this software work? /How to design my fleet setup?

Car rental software is designed to ease your work. When you purchase our software, your database will be created on our server. You will be supplied with a username and password to access the software. The Admin login page will come with a template that includes almost everything required to manage your car rental business. You can easily add or edit car models, geographical areas, prices, features and other specifications as per your needs and preference with a few mouse clicks. Since there is no need to upgrade your computer system, you simply need to login to get started. It can’t really get easier than this!

Will this software increase my business? How?

Almost every business unit out there is enjoying the widespread explosion of the 21st century technology. Being able to run your car rental business with few mouse clicks is your goldmine opportunity to reap similar benefits. The car rental software implementation would mean managing your business smoothly, efficiently, safely and round the clock. The whole process is effortless, yet extremely rewarding. Don’t simply buy our words; rather try our FREE demo at no cost nor ongoing obligations.

Will provide custom features development?

Customization and goes hand in hand. Our software is formulated with a flexible infrastructure, thereby allowing you to add or develop custom features with great ease. Make it all yours!